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Don't get stuck on technology!

Most people never think of creating an online course, because they are terrified of the technology that goes with it. I'm here to tell you that it is NOT DIFFICULT AT ALL! You just need to follow a simple process AND use apps that everybody already uses ... Like Facebook 😉

Course curriculum

Easy-to-follow over the shoulder video training

  • 1

    Unit 1 - Start & Welcome

    • Start Here: Welcome, You've Got This!!

  • 2

    Unit 2 - What To Expect

    • Brief Overview Of What You Can Expect

  • 3

    Unit 3 - Your Offer

    • How To Decide On An Offer And Pricing

  • 4

    Unit 4 - Creating Your FREE Group

    • Creating Your FREE Group

    • Finalise Group and Optimise Personal Facebook Profile

  • 5

    Unit 5 - Populate Your FREE Group

    • In this video I give show you how to easily add content and posts

    • Content Calendar One Month + Post Examples

  • 6

    Unit 6 - Growing Your Group

    • Lets get some members into your group

  • 7

    Unit 7 - Creating Your Paid Group

    • Creating Your Paid Group

  • 8

    Unit 8 - Payment Gateways

    • PayFast Payment Button

    • Create your Payment Gateway Accounts

  • 9

    Unit 9 - Create Your Presale Webinar

    • Create Your Presale Webinar

  • 10

    Unit 10 - Announce You Webinar

    • Announce Your Webinar / Facebook Live

  • 11

    Unit 11 - Populating Your Paid Group With Units

    • Creating Your Units and Lessons

    • Course Creation Checklist (Bonus Training)

    • Course Creation Checklist Document for Download

  • 12

    Unit 12 - The Follow Up

    • Follow Up And Sell More

  • 13

    BONUS TRAINING - How To Populate Your Groups

    • [1 of 3] Using The Later App To Automate Group Content Posting

    • [2 of 3] Using The Later App To Automate Group Content Posting

    • [3 of 3] Using The Later App To Automate Group Content Posting

  • 14

    Q&A Sessions

    • Q&A Session 1

  • 15

    Other Bonuses - Enjoy!

    • Small Business Survival Guide Ebook

What Our Students Have To Say

He made me feel like a MASTER MARKETER

Ricardo van Rooi

I’m truly blessed. He doesn’t keep info…he just shares from a place of authenticity and genuine care! Ricardo van Rooi

Amazing Success

Markus Beckmann

I got 58 registrations for the webinar, 40 showed up and after two hours 33 was still on. Also great feedback!Amazing Success

Opened Up Doors!

Denys Boltt

It has certainly opened up some doors that l never would have managed on my own. You certainly over delivered on every one of my expectations

Amazing Value

Kobus Portwig

This video alone is = to the money I paid for the course. The rest of Units is now extra value for me 😀